Bit Phoenix Developer Resources

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Welcome to the Bit Phoenix Software Developer Website

Bit Phoenix Software is a small indie game development team. Most, if not all, of our games and their back-end infrastructure (including this website) are completely free and open-source.

The Bit Phoenix Developer Website is a collection of documentation and resources you can use as a reference when contributing to our projects or using our services. This page acts as the main hub for all of these resources.

Contribute to this page

If you’d like to add to or modify this page, you can find its source code at our GitHub repository.

Not what you’re looking for?

If you’re looking to download stable releases of our games/tools or are looking to interact with our community, you can find all of that at This website is meant for those interested in contributing to our code or using our tools in their own projects.

Main resources

Peace Engine

The Peace Engine is our signature, flagship game engine built ontop of MonoGame and .NET Core 3.0.

The Peacenet

There are currently no developer resources for The Peacenet.